What is AR Flashcards?


As some of you might know, I’m the co-founder of Mitchlehan Media, LLC and we are the creators of AR Flashcards.  What is AR Flashcards?  AR stands for augmented reality which is the superimposing of a 3d computer generated image over a real world object.  In our case the real world object is the educational flash card.  Dave (one of the other co-founders) and I both have seven year old sons and a few years ago we were both trying to teach them the alphabet.  I remember buying flash cards at the store and trying to use them with my then four year old son and I couldn’t keep his attention with them.  Dave, who is known for coming up with crazy ideas, came to me with this idea of creating an educational app using augmented reality.  As I often do when he tells me an idea, I quickly dismissed him but then he showed me some ar apps and I was blown away.  AR Flashcards was born.


AR Flashcards Animal Alphabet is a free mobile app available for iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet.  Once the app is downloaded to your device of choice you can print out the physical flash cards needed from our website, arflashcards.com, also for free.  Launching the app will bring up your camera that you then hold over the alphabet flash cards and with some programming magic an animal will pop up over the corresponding letter, ex. A- alligator.  The trick to this is that each flash card is a trigger image so that when you hold the device over each card with the app running it will match the card with the animal and pop it up on screen.   Each animal is completely 3d and you can move your device around them to see them from all angles.  If you tap the screen over the animal you will hear a little girl’s voice say the letter and the animal name.


We launched Animal Alphabet in 2012 and each year since we have launched a new app that is part of the series.  In 2013 we launched AR Flashcards Space which helps kids learn their planet names.  In 2014 we released AR Flashcards Shapes & Colors which is a fun circus themed app that teaches kids their shapes and colors!  In 2015 we are preparing to launch our first math app with AR Flashcards Addition!  Stay tuned for a release date!

So far AR Flashcards has had over 100,000 downloads and continues to outpace each previous year of release and we have had a lot of enthusiastic teachers connect with us over the last couple years and that has powered us through to keep creating more of these apps.



  1. Allison says

    I absolutely love this concept! I wish this was around whenever my son was little! Will recommend to my friends with young kiddos.

  2. says

    WOW! That is so impressive and attention grabbing. I would have loved for that to have been around when my kids were little. Now if you could just create something on the same line for college Stats II.

  3. says

    I love stories like this when a parent or two come up with a new, fun and creative idea to make learning easier and then bring their idea to life! Can’t wait to check out all your apps!

    • says

      Yeah, I vaguely remember seeing that… Paying off pe;&1ep#82l7os mortgages is a bit unfair to the people who don’t have them though. It does spread out the effect for longer..

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