Star Wars The Force Awakens Comic Con Reel

Nothing can accurately describe the excitement that I’m feeling right now knowing that we are entering a time where we will be getting all kinds of new Star Wars movies, games, toys and every other merchandise you can think of.

We are not that far removed from the prequel era which I know has left a bad taste in some people’s mouths but what I’m feeling going into Episode 7 is so much different then how I felt going into Episode 1. I think it comes down to two things that could explain my heightened excitement. First off I’m extremely excited to see what happens after Return of the Jedi on film and secondly and probably the biggest reason is I get to watch my son experience new Star Wars films for the first time on the big screen. He is the perfect age (seven) for this to happen and I’m so excited to be able to share these new experiences in a galaxy far far away together.

So far everything that Lucasfilm has slowly released about the film gives me and every other Star Wars fan hope that this movie will be great.  At Comic Con in San Diego they released a great behind the scenes reel at the Force Awakens panel that delivers the feels and amps up my excitement even more. Check it out below and the may the force be with you.

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