My Top 5 Rides at Magic Kingdom

It’s no secret, I love Walt Disney World!  Recently, I began to think about ranking my favorite things. It can be difficult to narrow things down to a top five so I wanted to give it a go! Here are my top five rides at Magic Kingdom!

1.  The Haunted Mansion


I love the Haunted Mansion!  It is my favorite ride.  I love the atmosphere and the family friendly scares!

2. Splash Mountain


I love, love this ride.  Makes all other log flume rides everywhere look lame.

3. Space Mountain


There’s nothing like the feeling that you might get your head chopped off.

4. Seven Dwarves Mine Train


This is a newer ride but it’s already one of my favorites.  The theming is top notch!

5. Carousel of Progress


Carousel of Progress will always be one of my favorite attractions and yes, I do count it as a ride.

Those are my favorite rides at Magic Kingdom, what are yours?? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Carol Waid says

    Splash Mountain and Carousel of Progress and The Great Movie Ride are my favorites.
    I’ve been enjoying your pictures on Facebook & Instagram since you were on son Brad’s podcast a while back.
    Recently started watching your Discast on Youtube, love it!
    We are big Disney Fans.
    This is my first visit to your website. It is definitely going in my FAVORITES!

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