King’s Quest A Knight to Remember Impressions With Video!


I loved playing the King’s Quest series back in the 90’s and I’m excited to show Hayden the new one! We played the first 15 minutes for this let’s play and I can tell you that this is the King’s Quest game I’ve been waiting for. The game will be released in chapters similar to the way Telltale releases their games. The first chapter is entitled A Knight to Remember.

Much like the original games, you walk around the kingdom of Daventry trying to solve a number of puzzles to advance the plot.  There are also quick time events spread out through the game during specific action sequences that are actually fun to watch play out.  The first 15 minutes is a fun introduction to the game as you will see below.

I’ve now played about three hours of the game since this video and it is awesome. It really does feel like the natural evolution for this series. The game is beautiful to look at and the game is genuinely funny. I’ve had a smile on my face every minute that I’ve played this game. I can’t recommend it enough. Check out the video below and then go buy the game here! What are you waiting for!
King’s Quest: The Complete Collection [Online Game Code]

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