Discast Ep. 2 Let’s Speculate about Star Wars-Toy Story Location!


Welcome to the Discast Ep. 2 Let’s Speculate about Star Wars-Toy Story Location! In this episode we talk about possible locations for Star Wars-Toy Story Land, Hallowishes Dessert party, the new Shop Disney Parks app and someone has created a slinky dog virtual roller coaster!  We also get interrupted by Hayden!  Warning:  The camera was tipped…

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What is The Do-Dads?

The Dads

Is this where I say who I am? Like, identify the narrator? Hello, my name is Jeff Elden and since I was 10 years old I can remember wanting to be two things; a nationally syndicated newspaper cartoonist and a father. 26 years later with three daughters I can say I’ve been very successful at…

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The Do-Dads


The Do-Dads is a bi-monthly podcast about being a parent while also pursuing creative endeavors. This group acts as an extension of the podcast to offer a support group for other fathers who may be struggling with balancing family time and their creative outlets.  They often have guests on the podcast and I was lucky…

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