heathHello and welcome to Sippy Cup Dad! My name is Heath Mitchell and I’m a father of three rambunctious kids.  These wildlings are comprised of my seven year old Skylander obsessed son, Hayden, and my two year old twin girls, Olivia and Evelyn.  My wife Melissa, better known as Sippy Cup Mom has been trying to get me to start my own blog following my adventures in fatherhood.  I’ve resisted this for many years but recently I’ve been feeling like having an outlet to share my thoughts on some of the things I enjoy doing with my kids.


I work at Booksource as an operations manager in our main warehouse here in St. Louis.  We supply trade books to schools all over the world and help them to build classroom libraries.  In my spare time I’m the co-founder of Mitchlehan Media, the creators of AR Flashcards.  AR Flashcards is a brand of educational apps available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  We use augmented reality to put a new spin on the educational flash card.